Introduce Your Desires to the Universe

Still Pond Meditation

The image of the still pond can be used to still the turbulent "waters" in the mind. When there is enough stillness, then we can introduce an intention and watch the ripple effect as we declare to the Universe our deepest, most heartfelt desires and witness them materialize in time...

Meditation for Beginners

Simple Meditation Practice for Beginners

Learning to tune into your breathing teaches you how to harness the power of your attention, which sets the stage for you to introduce your intentions. This is the portal to Spirituality and to co-creating your life with the Universal energy and it all starts with your breathing.

Manifest What You Desire

How I Manifested My Husband Into My Life

This is EXACTLY how I brought forth my husband into my energy field & life!

Guided Visualization

My Seashell Relaxation Technique

Sit back & let me guide you through a visualization technique that will leave you feeling a deep sense of inner stillness.